January 29, 2015


Aaron Klingensmith and her company did an amazing job with my mother’s estate sale. She and her crew were professional and hard working.  We felt overwhelmed at the thought of trying to sell and clean out my mother’s home, but Aaron was confident that she could accomplish the monumental task! We were so pleased with the outcome! 

Thank you for a successful sale!


David Smith


May 2015


We are so pleased that we chose The Estate Sale Company to handle our sale. We moved into my mother’s house in Tahoka after her death in 1998. She had built the house and lived in it since 1962. When her mother died, she moved all of her nice things into her house. So, when my wife, son and I moved into our home it was already furnished nicely and was full of lots of objects, including some valuables and family heirlooms.

When my wife and I decided to retire and move from Tahoka, we wanted to downsize and declutter. We wanted a fresh start in our first brand new home since marrying 31 years ago. We packed what we wanted to take and left much behind, including several pieces of nice furniture.

We chose The Estate Sale Company to sell what we left behind. Not only did we have a house full of objects and furniture, but also a garage, a separate shop, basement and well house with lots of tools and yard implements. We had been to their sales before in Lubbock and were impressed with how everything was staged and arranged and marked plainly with prices for customers to see.

When the movers packed and moved what we wanted to our new home in Lubbock, The Estate Sale Company came in and took over. They found every little thing for us to sell and brought in tables and arranged and grouped everything just perfectly.

They had several obstacles to running our sale. It was in Tahoka, a small rural town 30 miles from Lubbock, and they chose to run the sale on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Despite heavy rains during the sale, they sold everything that we had left. They had wonderful advertising in the newspaper in Tahoka, Lubbock, as well as on Facebook and the Internet on their website. They emailed their regular customers about the sale. When they opened the doors the first day, 65 people were standing in line to get in. People came from all over because of the fine reputation of the sales that The Estate Sale Company has.

After the sale, my wife and I returned to the house to do some cleaning before the real estate agent begins to show the house to potential buyers. We were pleasantly shocked that everything was gone from the house and nothing left behind. The house was clean and the floors were immaculate.

They certainly left it in much better condition than they found it when they arrived.

We cannot rave enough about Aaron Klingensmith and her crew at The Estate Sale Company and the job they did for our estate sale. We never would have chosen any company that would have been close to the work and performance they did.

Haney and Tanya Wells 



March, 2014


Dear Girls, 

I just wanted you to know I appreciate your hard work with Tom's personal items.  You all were such a joy to meet and it was a pleasure seeing your enthusiasm and concern for Tom's personal property.   I am thrilled for you and us that the attendance was so good.  Obviously, you are talented young ladies and I would recommend you to anyone.  Thank you, again, for your hard work and I know you will all be successful as your business continues to grow.


Best wishes,


January 2015


Aaron Klingensmith and her crew did a excellent job conducting my mothers estate sale. The sale was well advertised and held in a timely fashion. All staff was very professional and caring. I would highly recommend her services. 

Darla Carter